Mar 09 2017

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Various Musings on Getting a Job, Keeping It, and Beyond, a Q & A Session

ApplicationTim Reblitz,  Engineer at Applied Materials

Application Engineer at Applied Materials

All QESST Scholars are invited to a talk by Tim Reblitz: “Various Musings on Getting a Job, Keeping It, and Beyond.”  Join us for the talk and Q & A session April 4 11 am MST via Zoom or in ERC 189.

Tim Reblitz was President of the QESST SLC in Year 4. He graduated from ASU with his masters degree and is now an Application Engineer at Applied Materials in the Automation Products Group in Santa Clara, California. In this role, he supports manufacturing execution systems (MES) and a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) used primarily for semiconductor device fabrication and characterization including: FACTORYworks, 300works, and Xsite.

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