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Testbed 1: 2017 Student-Led Pilot Line

QESST Testbed 1: Student Led Pilot-Line
Position Title Name Department Institution
Testbed Leader Stuart Bowden Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering (ECEE) ASU
Research Mariana Bertoni ECEE ASU
  Tonio Buonassisi Mechanical Engineering MIT
Jeffrey Cotter ECEE ASU
Zachary Holman ECEE ASU
Christiana Honsberg ECEE ASU
Jenefer Husman School of Social and Family Dynamics ASU
  Robert Opila Materials Science UD
Undergraduate students screen printing on the pilot line.

Undergraduate students screen printing on the pilot line.

The QESST Student-led Pilot Line provides students at all levels with direct experience in fabrication and full manufacturing process flows for photovoltaic technologies. This testbed is an essential tool in supporting both research and industry engagement, as it allows practical assessment of the impact of a new process or concept for both students and industry. The largest pilot line effort (mirroring the industry focus on silicon solar cells) is provided through the silicon pilot line at ASU, together with the module pilot line at Fraunhofer’s Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (cse.fraunhofer.org) at MIT. Students also have the opportunity to use the thin film pilot line at UD. More limited opportunities (because of additional safety training and the relatively longer time commitment needed to operation of such machines) also exist for III-V concentrating solar cells. The pilot lines further provide the opportunity to integrate technological advances from the other Thrust areas (strategic plan levels) into an industry-relevant manufacturing fabrication process environment. These efforts are further elaborated upon in Volume II of this annual report.


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