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Research Matrix

QESST is more than the sum of its parts; its impact extends beyond individual labs, schools, and communities of its members because it is comprised of researchers with diverse backgrounds united around the Terawatt Challenge. Click on a faculty member’s name in the research matrix below to view his or her personal or research group’s webpage and learn about his or her expertise.

ER = Education Research; MC = Materials Characterization; MS = Materials Synthesis; NT = Nanotechnology; OP = Optics; PE = Power Electronics; PVM = PV Modules; PVC35 = PV Cells: III-V; PVCTF = PV Cells: Thin-Film; PVCSi = PV Cells: Silicon; PVK = PV Markets; PVS = PV Simulation; SG = Smart Grid; SUS = Sustainability

ASUBertan Bakkaloglu
Mariana Bertoni
Stuart Bowden
Sarah Brem
Matthew Fraser
Stephen Goodnick
Zachary Holman
Christiana Honsberg
Jenefer Husman
Sayfe Kiaei
Martha McCartney
Clark Miller
Cun-Zheng Ning
Fernando Ponce
Thomas Seager
David Smith
Govindasamy Tamizhmani
Dragica Vasileska
Yong-Hang Zhang
CalTechHarry Atwater
GaTechW. Allen Doolittle
MITTonio Buonassisi
Silvija Gradacek
UARaymond Kostuk
UDRobert Birkmire
John Byrne
Lado Kurdgelashvili
Babatunde Ogunnaaike
Robert Opila
William Shafarman
UHAlex Freundlich
UNMGanesh Balakrishnan
Olga Lavrova

ER = Education Research
MC = Materials Characterization
MS = Materials Synthesis
NT = Nanotechnology
OP = Optics
PE = Power Electronics
PVM = PV Modules
PVC35 = PV Cells: III-V
PVCTF = PV Cells: Thin-Film
PVCSi = PV Cells: Silicon
PVK = PV Markets
PVS = PV Simulation
SG = Smart Grid
SUS = Sustainability

Research projects are funded within QESST on an annual basis following an internal proposal and review process designed to align project goals with QESST’s mission and to promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration.

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