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QESST Year 5: Research Projects, Testbeds, and Thrust Alignment

QESST Year 5 Project List


Cross Cutting

Education Research: Common purpose, Shared Goals, and Community – The Learning, Emotional, and Social implications of a shared research vision Husman, ASU
Sustainability: A Systems Dynamics of PV Sustainability at the TeraWatt Scale Seager, ASU


Testbed 1: Student-Led Pilot Line Bowden, ASU
Testbed 2: Advanced Modules and Integration Kiaei, ASU
Testbed 3: Sustainability of TW Scale PV Deployments Honsberg, ASU

Thrust 1: Terawatt Scale Silicon Manufacturing

Thrust 1 Project 1: High mobility Transparent Conductors for Silicon heterojuntion and CIGS solar cells Bertoni, ASU
Thrust 1 Project 2: Contact Passivation Bowden, ASU
Thrust 1 Project 3: Defects in high-quality crystalline silicon materials: TCAD modeling and validation using industrially-relevant materials Buonassisi, MIT
Thrust 1 Project 4: Characterization and Reliability in Cell Manufacturing TamizhMani, ASU
Thrust 1 Project 5: High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells at 1gram/watt Opila, UDel

Thrust 2: Tandem Integration with Silicon

Thrust 2 Project 1: Tandem III-V/Si Integration for > 30% Efficiency Atwater, Caltech
Thrust 2 Project 2: III-Sb on Silicon multi-junction solar cells Balakrishnan, UNM
Thrust 2 Project 3: Terawatt Scale III-Nitride on Si In-situ and Induced Junctions Doolittle, GaTech
Thrust 2 Project 4: Flat-Plate Tandem PV: A Marriage of Silicon and II/VI Holman, ASU
Thrust 2 Project 5: Dilute Nitride Materials and Devices Freundlich, UH

Thrust 3: Fundamentals for High Efficiency PV

Thrust 3 Project 1: Defect creation in epitaxial structures: structural investigations, simulation of defect creation Faleev, ASU
Thrust 3 Project 2: Nano-based enablers for commercial silicon solar cells Holman, ASU
Thrust 3 Project 3: Multi-Scale Modeling of Dilute Nitride Materials and Silicon Heterojunctions Goodnick, ASU
Thrust 3 Project 4: Spectrum Splitting Optics for Micro-Concentrator PV Systems Kostuk, UofA
Thrust 3 Project 5: Cu(InGa)Se2 Tandem Cell Development Shafarman, UDel

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