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QESST Year 3 (2013-2014) Funded Research Projects

Project Faculty Leader Other Participating Faculty
Thrust 1- Terawatt Manufacturing
Enabling foundational research for thin, high-efficiency, and manufacturable silicon-based heterojunction devices Buonasissi (MIT) Bertoni (ASU)
Characterization and reliability in cell manufacturing Bowden (ASU) Tamizhmani (ASU)
Cu(InGa)Se2 and tandem manufacturing Shafarman (UD) Birkmire (UD), Opila (UD), Ogunnaike (UD)
Laser processing Bowden (ASU) Ning (ASU)
Thrust 2 – Moore’s Law Devices
High-efficiency silicon solar cells at 1 g/W Bowden (ASU) Holman (ASU), Goodnick (ASU), Vasileska (ASU), Honsberg (ASU), Opila (UD), Atwater (CalTech), Gradecak (MIT)
Dilute nitride materials for PV Freundlich (UH) Goodnick (ASU), Gradecak (MIT), Honsberg (ASU), Ning (ASU), Smith (ASU), Zhang (ASU)
Terawatt-scale III-V/Si tandems Atwater (CalTech) Balakrishan (UNM), Bertoni (ASU), Doolittle (GaTech), Freundlich (UH)
Probing heterojunction solar cells with electron holography Holman (ASU) McCartney (ASU), Smith (ASU), Bowden (ASU), Bertoni (ASU)
High-mobility hydrogen-doped indium oxide as a TCO in silicon heterojunction and CIGS solar cells Bertoni (ASU) Holman (ASU)
Thrust 3 – Advanced Enablers
Holographic design for spectrum splitting and light management for optimum efficiency of PV cells/systems Kostuk (UA) Atwater (Caltech), Lavrova (UNM)
Terawatt-scale III-nitride on Si in-situ and induced junctions Doolittle (GaTech) Bowden (ASU), Honsberg (ASU), Ponce (ASU)
Investigation of defect creation in epitaxial structures to improve crystal perfection of highly-lattice-mismatched composition Honsberg (ASU) Faleev (ASU), Smith (ASU), Bertoni (ASU)
Nano-based enablers for commercial solar cells Honsberg (ASU) Holman (ASU), Goodnick (ASU), Freundlich (UH)
Student-led pilot line Bowden (ASU) Buonassisi (MIT), Bertoni (ASU), Holman (ASU), Honsberg (ASU), Husman (ASU), Opila (UD)
Integration, modules and power management Kiaei (ASU) Bakkaloglu (ASU), Lavrova (UNM)
Cross-Cutting Research Themes
Sustainability Fraser (ASU) Miller (ASU), Seager (ASU), Byrne (UD), Kurdgelashvili (UD)
Education research Husman (ASU) Bowden (ASU), Brem (ASU)

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