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QESST Year 6: Research Projects, Testbeds, and Thrust Alignment

QESST Year 6 Project List

Cross Cutting

Education Research Michelle Jordan
Sustainability Clark Miller
Diversity Delia Saenz


Testbed 1: Student Pilot Line Stuart Bowden
Testbed 2: Advanced Modules Mariana Bertoni
Testbed 3: Sustainability of TW Photovotlaics Christiana Honsberg

Thust 1

Leads: Tonio Bounassissi
Thrust 1 Project 1: High Mobility TCOs Mariana Bertoni
Thrust 1 Project 2: Robert Opila
Thrust 1 Project 3: Defects in Crystalline Silicon for High hPV Devices Tonio Buonassisi
Thrust 1 Project 4: Reliability of MLPE and QESST PV devices Govindasamy Tamizhmani

Thust 2

Thrust 2 Project 1: Tandem III-V/Si Integration for > 30% Efficiency Harry Atwater
Thrust 2 Project 2: Epitaxial Strategies for Dual Junction Si/III-Sb solar cells Ganesh Balakrishnan
Thrust 2 Project 3: III Nitride on Si In-situ and Induced Junctions Alan Doolitle
Thrust 2 Project 4: Dilute Nitride Materials for PV Alexandre Freundlich
Thrust 2 Project 5: 1.7 eV MgCdTe solar cell for Si-based tandem solar cells Zachary Holman

Thust 3

Thrust 3 Project 1: Nano Based Enablers for Commerical Silicon Solar Cells Zachary Holman
Thrust 3 Project 2: Multiscale modeling Stephen Goodnick
Thrust 3 Project 3: Defects in Semiconductor Compounds (DISC) Richard King
Thrust 3 Project 4: Spectral/Spatial Light Management Optics for Tandem and Spearated Multiple Bandgap Cell PV Systems Ray Kostuk
Thrust 3 Project 5: Polycrystalline Thin Film Solar Cells for Tandem PV William Shafarman

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QESST Year 5: Research Projects, Testbeds, and Thrust Alignment

QESST Year 5 Project List   Cross Cutting Education Research: Common purpose, Shared Goals, and Community – The Learning, Emotional, and Social implications of a shared research vision Husman, ASU Sustainability: A Systems Dynamics of PV Sustainability at the TeraWatt Scale Seager, ASU Testbeds Testbed 1: Student-Led Pilot Line Bowden, ASU Testbed 2: Advanced Modules …

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QESST Year 3 (2013-2014) Funded Research Projects

Project Faculty Leader Other Participating Faculty Thrust 1- Terawatt Manufacturing Enabling foundational research for thin, high-efficiency, and manufacturable silicon-based heterojunction devices Buonasissi (MIT) Bertoni (ASU) Characterization and reliability in cell manufacturing Bowden (ASU) Tamizhmani (ASU) Cu(InGa)Se2 and tandem manufacturing Shafarman (UD) Birkmire (UD), Opila (UD), Ogunnaike (UD) Laser processing Bowden (ASU) Ning (ASU) Thrust 2 …

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