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QESST Graduate Student Skill Set

Graduate Attribute


Technical Subject Expertise Masters their area of expertise within the context of QESST research products.
Research Leadership Identifies research opportunities, assembles resources (funding, equipment, etc.), conducts research, reports findings
Knowledge of Industrial Practice Strong connection with PV specialty organizations, understands nature and constraints of PV industry.
Self-directed Learning Able to learn new concepts, skills and information independently
Innovative Can identify ideas and solutions to problems that have social or economic value
Creative Can synthesize disparate information to form to find new insights/solutions to important problems
Communication Able to communicate technical and non-technical information and concepts to both to peers and public sector
Team work Able to identify key role for each team member; manage their own aspect of their project within the constraints of the group.
Crosses the Finish Line Able to bring complex, lengthy projects to fruition; Persistence in the face of failure
Globally Aware Actively investigate the broader social context of their work; consider diverse end user needs; work in diverse teams


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