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Testbed 2: Integration, Modules, and Power Management (2015)

Leader: Kiaei
Other participating faculty: Bakkaloglu, Lavrova

The long-term vision of this testbed is to develop self-contained integrated and smart PV modules that are part of the smart grid. Research in this testbed is thus geared towards developing integrated sensors, DC-DC converters and DC-AC integrated inverters and controllers that can achieve maximum power transfer from PV modules. The outcome of this research will result in improvements in efficiency, size, reliability, and cost of PV power generators. Within this testbed, a decentralized micro-inverter power management system has been designed, PV modules installed on an ASU building have been tested, and a power sensor suitable for use in a PV module has been implemented on a CMOS chip. Present activities are focused on advanced micro-inverter design and DC-DC converter fabrication.

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