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Solar Cell Fabrication 101

Solar Cell Fabrication 101solar cell fabrication compressed

One week and two week programs for QESST scholars are ongoing.

Latest Program: January 9th-12th, 2017.
Please email Michelle Jordan if you are interested in participating in future workshops.


Solar Power Lab
Arizona State University Research Park
7700 South River Parkway
TEMPE, Arizona 85284
United States

Solar electric systems are popping up everywhere and the industry is growing at 30% per year with sales over $30 billion. At ASU we have an industrial scale pilot line for making solar cells – the energy conversion device at the heart of a solar power system.

The QESST Engineering Research Center offers ASU undergraduate and graduate students the unique opportunity to participate in authentic research while working on the student-led pilot line. Through work on the pilot line, students will:

  • have access to state-of-the-art facilities and gain experience directly relevant to industry, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate the commercial impact and relevance of their
  • ideas by guiding them through the steps required to bring new ideas to commercialization;
  • bridge the gap between the typical “research” devices and commercial solar cells, allowing fabrication and analysis of technologies on commercial-size devices and commercial equipment;
  • work in a facility that allows new equipment or processes to be analyzed and assessed jointly with industry. Students will play a key role in this process.
  • partner with a local student participating in the Fulton Schools’ Solar Energy Research program.

The Solar Cell Fabrication 101 is open to QESST Scholars only.  Please contact Michelle Jordan if you are interested in participating in the next workshop.



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