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Through both formal and informal education at the pre-college, undergraduate and graduate levels, the goal of QESST is to provide learners—students, teachers, policymakers and the general public—with a rich and engaging set of resources and experiences related to solar energy and photovoltaics. Emphasis is placed not only on learning the basic concepts underpinning solar energy and photovoltaics, but to place this knowledge in a context of sustainability, transdisciplinary research and conversation, economics and importance to local communities. Emphasis is placed on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in all QESST education and outreach programs.  QESST programs include public outreach, summer research programs for young scholars and undergraduates, year long research opportunities for young scholars, undergraduates and graduate students, teacher education and research experiences, and K-12 classroom and teacher development opportunities.  Although ASU is the only partner school engaging in every educational opportunities to engage in education, research, and trainings are organized by all QESST partner schools.


jordan-michelle-157x213.jpg (157×213)Michelle Jordan

Education Director
Associate Professor
Arizona State University
tiffany photoTiffany Rowlands
K-12 Education Coordinator
Arizona State University


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Community Outreach

Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3): The Modeling Institute,Tirupalavanam Ganesh (Arizona State University) Learning through Engineering Design and Practice: Using our Human Capital for an Equitable Future, Tirupalavanam Ganesh (Arizona State University) CAREER: Connecting with the Future: Supporting Identity and Career Development in Post-secondary Science and Engineering, Jenefer Husman (Arizona State University) REU Site: Nanophotonics at …

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Pre-College Education and Outreach

Targeted outcomes for the first five years of the QESST Pre-College Education outreach program include: Establishing Young Scholars programs at all partner institutions with PV engineering projects Initiating Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) site grant Developing and distributing culturally relevant PV engineering curricular materials to partner schools as a part of the RET and REU programs …

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