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Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is comprised of representatives from each U.S. university participating in QESST. The active QESST SLC has established the following goals:

  • establish and encourage clear lines of communication with a database of names, email address, and areas of research of all students and faculty participating in QESST research;
  • build and cultivate student community and cohesiveness across partner universities: through group activities, seminars, meetings;
  • promote the sharing of creativity and innovation among students for the progression of PV science and technology.


SLC Leadership 2016-2017

President: Rebecca Glaudell, ASU

Vice-President: Silvana Ayala Pelaez, UofA

Industry Mentorship Program Team Leads: Sebastian Husein, ASU & Joe Karas, ASU

Outreach Activities Team Leads: Rachel Woods-Robinson, Caltech; Danny Simonet , ASU; Joe Carpenter , ASU; Silvana Ayala Pelaez , UofA

Conference Coordination Team Leads: Aymeric Maros, ASU

Seminars/Workshops Team Leads: Sebastian Husein, ASU; Joe Karas, ASU; Genevieve Hall, ASU; Abhishek Iyer, UDel; April Jeffries, ASU; Shelby Vorndran, UofA; Mark Bailly, ASU; Yongjie Zou, ASU

Perfect Pitch Team Leads: Brad West, ASU

Welcome Package Team Leads: April Jeffries, ASU; Sebastian Husein, ASU

QESST Scholars Marketing Team Leads: April Jeffries, ASU; Genevieve Hall, ASU

Website Maintenance Team Leads: Tara Nietzold, ASU; Danny Simonet, ASU

Site Visit Student Coordination Team Lead: Simone Bernardini, ASU

Annual Site Visit Student Retreat: Ehsan Vadiee, ASU

SWOT Survey Team Lead: Sisir Yalamanchili, Caltech


University Liasons 2016-2017

Caltech: Philip Jahelka

University of Arizona: Benjamin Chrysler

Arizona State University: Pablo Guímera Coll

University of New Mexico: Ahmad Mansoori

University of Houston: Kaveh Shervin

University of Delaware: Abhishek Iyer

MIT: Erin Looney

GaTech: Evan Clinton


Past SLC Leadership

Tim Reblitz, ASU (President)

Robert Lovelett, U Del (Vice-President)

Sebastian Husein, ASU (Industry & Innovation Co-Chair)

Pri Koswatta, ASU (Industry & Innovation Co-Chair)

Eva Pettinato, ASU (Outreach & Education Co-Chair)

Joe Carpenter, ASU (Outreach & Education Co-Chair)

Chloe Fabien, Georgia Tech (Conference Coordination Co-Chair)

Aymeric Maros, ASU (Conference Coordination Co-Chair)

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Task-teams 2016-2017

For the year 2016-2017, the QESST Student Leadership Council is shifting from a committee-based to a task-based structure. At the 2016 site visit QESST students identified the major tasks for the coming year and volunteered to handle them. These assignments, along with rough task descriptions, are given below.¬†Ideally, about three students will work together on …

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